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Cronon AG is a full service Internet provider for professional, scalable hosting solutions and network services; a reliable partner for a long-term cooperation, it is a group company of STRATO AG and its parent corporation Deutsche Telekom AG.

We run several data centres with different specialisations throughout Germany.

We offer you tailored Internet and IT solutions, and also personal consultations in the fields of hosting, domain management, Internet connections, company networking and the outsourcing of data centre services.

We manage your server architecture in one of Europe’s leading data centres. Multiple external connections guarantee maximum availability. Sophisticated, highly professional power supply and early warning systems ensure stable operation.

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✓ Intelligent networking of company applications

A virtual private network (VPN) offers the invaluable advantage of using company applications across a number of locations and with full security – encrypted and independent of any given provider.

Cronon AG exclusively uses the proven Cisco ASA Firewall Series, ensuring you receive durable and reliable security products from the market leader.

This solution gives you total freedom in choosing your local Internet access. We connect your locations, reliably and securely, look after software and patch level updates for Cisco devices, deal with backing up the configuration files, deliver 24/7 monitoring and much more.

So-called home offices, during which a work environment is created at home or on the road, are probably the most frequent form of networking locations (site-to-site VPN). An Internet browser is used to establish a connection via IPsec or its more recent cousin SSL-VPN. A central firewall assigns a connection client to the employees, enabling them to securely and conveniently dial into the company network (mobility BPM) using their own mobile devices (laptop, iPhone, netbook).

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Professional technology for your security

Besides pure hosting issues, our specialists deliver expert consulting to provide business clients with ‘genuine’ system solutions that also consider network issues and secure administrative access.

We offer you

  • Scalable hosting solutions
  • Based at all times on state-of-the-art branded hardware
  • With the latest processor technology
  • Tailored to suit your needs

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Is your server in safe hands?

If not, it is a good idea to install your server in one of our data centres. Our largest data centre in Berlin is among the leading and also the most secure data centres in Europe. The multiple external data centre connections guarantee maximum availability. Sophisticated, highly professional power supply and early warning systems ensure stable operations.

We source 100 % of the power used in our data centres from renewable energy; it has an entirely neutral carbon footprint. The brand-name hardware we use, with its state-of-the-art processor technology, further contributes to cutting power consumption.

Some key data on the Berlin data centre:

Net installation space:

  • 4.000 m² (43,000 sq. ft.), spread over 5 rooms
  • Emergency power supply for an entire week
  • Separate power supplies for external connections
  • Air conditioning with double redundancy
  • latest fire-alarm systems
  • 24 / 7 security service
  • ISO 27001 TÜV-certified

Expertise and easing the strain on your IT

Through careful planning by specialists, redundant system components and 24/7 monitoring, we ensure that your operating systems and hardware are stable and running smoothly, and available to you at all times.

Cooperation in the spirit of a partnership is pivotal to success. We view ‘managed services’ as a meaningful division of labour between our two IT departments. Modern IT landscapes are more complex than ever before, and experience has shown that only parts can be outsourced sensibly, among them firewall services for your network. Accordingly, ‘managed services’ does not mean a complete divestment of responsibility; instead, it is characterised by proactive communication and a prudent exchange of information among all participants.

As a professional full-service provider, we provide you with the following:


  • managed firewall
  • managed switch
  • managed server
  • managed storage
  • managed backup
  • managed load balancer


  • managed firewall
  • managed router
  • managed VPN


The main data centre in Berlin with its own Cronon AG colocation space and TÜV-certification according to ISO 27001 is one of Europe’s most modern data centres. It guarantees the almost unlimited availability and security of your data. Multiple redundant external connections, highly professional power supply and early warning systems, as well as direct connection to the Frankfurt node, which is the largest data exchange node in Germany (DE-CIX), ensure stable operation. There are further connections to other German internet exchange points as well as to the Netherlands and the USA (Equinix Ashburn).

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Do you already have all the top-level domains that are important for your company and its products?

Do you need a domain in Asia or on the African continent to help promote your business? Cronon AG registers a large number of international TLDs on behalf of prominent customers, even satisfying more unusual wishes.

You can use us to register almost 300 TLDs.

Ideally, your company manages its own DNS infrastructure and is looking for a reliable partner interested in long-term cooperation and who boasts a wealth of experience – if so, you’ve come to the right place. Among others, we are an accredited member of ICANN and many other important registries.

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✓ Dedicated lines in all available bandwidths

We offer dedicated lines in practically all available bandwidths, variations and technologies (xDSL, wireless, Ethernet). The aim at all times is to implement a streamlined cost/benefit structure, while preserving maximum flexibility.

Your IP/network addresses remain the same, even after an upgrade or switch from a 2 Mbit SHDSL line to a 10 Mbit Ethernet or 20 Mbit wireless connection, saving you laborious reconfiguration of your other IT infrastructure. We look after your devices such as firewalls or routers, which do not, or rarely, require replacement following a line upgrade.

Naturally, we can also provide high availability along a combination of different connection channels and the operation of redundantly configured failsafe router pairs (Cisco). We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.
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